Collagen tablets VS Collagen powder, which is better.

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brewed collagen  Better than collagen tablets, why. I can believe that there is no one who doesn’t want smooth, radiant, hydrated skin. For this reason, ladies are looking for a helper like collagen to take as a supplement. However, taking collagen does not always have the same benefits. Because before collagen can enter the body, it must go through a digestive process. And take the time to strengthen cells to make your skin white and radiant.

As a result, nowadays there are many different brands of collagen available to choose from. There are both collagen powder and collagen tablets. Some people may not be sure which type they should choose to get better results.

Pros and Cons of Collagen Tablets VS Collagen Powder : Report by โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Collagen powder ( brewed collagen )

Advantages of collagen powder

  • Quick absorption depends on the molecular size of the collagen.
  • Can be eaten with food and drinks.
  • Some brands make collagen in snack form. Makes it easier to eat than normal collagen

Disadvantages of collagen powder

  • Some brands of collagen may have a fishy smell. makes it difficult to eat
  • Some types need to be brewed with water to completely dissolve. Therefore it takes a long time to prepare.
  • Not as convenient to carry as collagen tablets
  • If collagen is produced in the form of snacks When processed, the collagen concentration may be lost. Compared to normal collagen.

Collagen tablets

Advantages of collagen tablets

  • Easy to eat No fishy smell.
  • Preserves the quality of collagen well.
  • Easy to carry, can be eaten anywhere, no need to struggle to find a glass to mix and dissolve.

Disadvantages of collagen tablets

  • Some brands of collagen tablets may be more difficult and slower to absorb. This is because the body must break it down before it can be absorbed.
  • Some types of collagen may need to be divided into doses. in eating This may cause forgetting and not taking the full dose of the required amount of collagen per day. 

Ideal time to consume collagen

Eating collagen can be taken in many forms. It’s up to you when you choose to eat. But it is recommended that the way to eat and get the best results is to eat when the stomach is empty, such as when we wake up or before going to bed because when we eat on an empty stomach, collagen will be absorbed and the body can use it. work immediately.

Therefore, if girls choose to take collagen to enhance the beauty of their skin. Choosing to eat collagen powder is a better choice than collagen tablets. Because it’s both easy to eat. and the body absorbs it for use quickly You can make a decision like this, right? What type of collagen should I buy!!