Fashion items for chubby girls Absolutely do not pick it up and wear it.

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When it comes to the matter of the figure, I believe that many young women may feel that it is a problem. Makes them have no confidence at all in their bodies. chubby girls Not slim Good figure with clear proportions But for some girls it may be satisfying. and be happy with what is which is actually Even though our body is not as thin and beautiful as a model’s, But we can make us look good by choosing fashionable clothes. Clothing to suit us Just like this, we can be beautiful and look good. But it’s not like you can wear anything. Because some items that we put It may make us look unattractive. And you can get chubby.

Prohibitions on dressing for chubby girls.

Light-colored clothes.

Wearing light-colored clothes or sweet colors such as blue or pastel pink. Sweet old rose colors, for example, will make you look even fatter. But if you really like it and don’t like wearing solid colored clothes can be worn But wear it as a shirt. And wear it with dark colored skirts such as navy blue and black  borse replica. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet

Pants with lots of pockets.

Another thing that girls Plump people like us must avoid it. Pants with many pockets for lots of storage. This will make you look puffier. Make your hips look bigger. and makes you look fatter than you really are. You should choose a model with two simple side pockets. If possible, go with no pockets at all. Because when you have it, you have to put it in. And your hips will look fuller.

Thick fabric.

Your body is already thick. The more you choose to wear thicker clothes, the more it will make you look bulky. There was no immediate dimension. You should therefore choose to wear clothes that are comfortable and not too thick and that allow air to circulate easily. Because plump women tend to sweat more easily than usual. Wearing clothes with thick fabric The more you get hot and feel bad easily.


The fluffiness of clothes is an item that girls like to wear. Every time he saw it, he wanted to go and grab it. Because it looks so bright and sparkling. It is most suitable for our women. But it’s not suitable for girls. Plump like us. Because it will make us look bloated, too much, so you are better suited for simple clothes. But it looks better when worn.

 Large belts.

You might think that the bigger the belt, the bigger your waist will make you look. and can hide the flesh around your abdomen In fact, it’s not at all. Because the belt is big How big is it? The more you highlight your abdominal area. Now people will be more interested in your waist and stomach than before. You should therefore wear a small belt and wear it loosely, letting it drop a little lower.

Very high heels.

Wearing very high heels In addition to not helping you look taller, It also makes your body look strange and noticeable. If you want to wear high heels You should wear high heels that are not too high. Makes it convenient for you to walk and do activities.